How Scrum Smart Are You?

Having a firm understanding of scrum principles is a key factor for every team member who occupies a role on a scrum team, including Scrum Masters, Scrum Product Owners, and Scrum Developers. Scrum teams working in high-stress environments with multiple projects and deadlines competing for priority often thrive as they rely on the collaborative and adaptive nature of the scrum approach. Of course, having working knowledge of scrum is the first step in becoming a sought-out high-demand team member. 

How well do you know scrum? How easily do you explain it to other people? More importantly, how do you explain it to an HR Manager who could influence decision makers toward making a transition from traditional waterfall to scrum? Find out how scrum smart you are and how you compare to others. 

By taking the Scrum Smart Quiz, you will get:

  • Immediate feedback to see how you rank in your scrum knowledge
  • Exposure to scrum certification practice questions
  • Baseline measure to pitch to your Manager when proposing to get your Certification
  • Bragging rights (for all of the "Experts" out there)

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