What does a Scrum Master do?

Certified Scrum Masters are individuals on a team who facilitate the flow of work among the team members, developers, product owners and stakeholders. The role has a strong leadership presence and yet does not command a power-hierarchy; the Scrum Master operates equally with all team members. 

Scrum Masters have a multitude of responsibilities over a series of scrum processes. The following is a summary of Scrum Master facilitation responsibilities. A Scrum Master will facilitate the:

  • Selection of the Scrum Team
  • Creation of personas
  • Meetings of the Scrum Team to estimate and create User Stories, and creating Task Lists for upcoming Sprints
  • Prioritized Product Backlog Review Meetings
  • Presentation of completed deliverables by the Scrum Team for the approval of the Product Owner

When the tasks do not require facilitation, Scrum Masters assist and support the Scrum Team over a series of scrum processes as well. They focus on the needs of their team by removing obstacles and ensuring members of the Scrum Team have the tools they need to produce their deliverables. 

Who do you know in your team or organization who has the leadership, coaching, and facilitation potential to become a Scrum Master? Talk to us to learn more about becoming a Certified Scrum Master.